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Veterans Certificate of Eligibility

Once you have submitted your application for VA education benefits with supporting documentation, a claim is processed and a file (claim) number is established.

Eligible applicants will receive a Certificate of Eligibility, which they must file with the Financial Aid Office. This certificate will include the claim number, type of benefit and eligibility expiration date.

All veteran students must submit a VA schedule verification. It is your responsibility to ensure that a VA schedule verification is provided to a Veterans Services Center.

It can take eight weeks for the regional processing office (RPO) to process enrollment claims. At times, VA Form 22-1999 will also need to be sent by mail.

Once your entitlement is established, the RPO sends the veteran or dependent an award letter. This letter outlines the amount of money to be received and the entitlement based on the enrollment information that was reported by the college.

Payments are mailed monthly to the address on record with the VA or directly deposited into a bank account on record with the VA.

NOTE: Chapter 30 and 1606 and VRAP students must complete monthly verification and send it to the RPO. The VA uses a post-payment system and payment will not be made until the monthly verification is received and processed by the RPO.

Chapter 30 and 1606/1607 and VRAP Monthly Verification Procedures

Beneficiaries have two methods for submitting their VA monthly verifications.

  1. Access WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) to submit VA Form 22-8979 electronically.
  2. Use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system on the phone. Dial 1-877-823-2378 and follow instructions.

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