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Programs of Study

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Track

Program Objective
Logistics & Supply Chain Management prepares students for industry certification exams and entry-level management positions in the field of supply chain management. Careers include inventory management, master resource planning, scheduling and planning, transportation logistics management, route planning, physical distribution management, transportation marketing, customer service, procurement, quality control and operations management. Typical employers include warehousing and transportation distributors, large manufacturing facilities, retail and wholesale distributors.

Career Opportunities
Typical employers include warehousing and transportation distributors, large manufacturing facilities, government, third party logistics, retail and wholesale distributors.

Program Learning Goals

Goal 1: Graduates will possess the skills necessary to obtain industry certification and entry-level positions in logistics and supply chain management areas.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Graduates will demonstrate the ability to manage the complete flow of material in a supply chain.
  • Graduates will apply statistical analysis to answer questions important to making sound business decisions.
  • Graduates will demonstrate PC literacy, specifically with the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Graduates will forecast inventory requirements.
  • Graduates will develop delivery schedules in accordance to customer needs.
  • Graduates will develop a master schedule.

Goal 2: Graduates will possess the appropriate skills needed for supervision, decision-making, project management, and critical thinking, allowing for advancement into supervisory positions.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Graduates will demonstrate effective writing skills.
  • Graduates will demonstrate effective verbal communication skills.
  • Graduates will evaluate business situations to determine customer and employee needs.
  • Graduates will apply decision-making techniques via case study analysis to determine optimal outcomes.

Goal 3: Graduates will be able to recognize areas for improvement that will lead to cost reductions and provide logistical advantages over the competition.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Graduates will identify and mitigate project costs.
  • Graduates will identify and mitigate project risks.
  • Graduates will interpret financial statements

Graduates will turn source documents into trackable transactions to be used in decision-making for business.

Internship/Cooperative Education Experience
A 200 hour internship or cooperative education experience at an approved site may be completed after a student has completed 30 credits and receives approval from the Department Chairperson. Students must satisfy the internship requirements of both Johnson College and the internship provider as a condition of graduation. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to meet the minimum qualification for internship through Johnson College. Some internship sites may require students to obtain a higher GPA in their agreement. Some internship sites may also require proof of current health care coverage, a criminal background check, and/or a drug test. Internship sites may bar students from an internship if a criminal record exists or a drug test has a positive result. Costs for travel to and from an internship site are the responsibility of the student. The schedule for meeting the requirement of this experience will be arranged between the student, faculty member and internship site.

Mr. Sean Tossi
Logistics and Supply Chain Management—Program Director


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