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Programs of Study

Biomedical Equipment Technology

Program Objective

The Biomedical Equipment Technology program prepares students as entry-level biomedical technicians with skills training that include medical terminology and human physiology principles, as well as the maintenance and support, planning and acquisition, and installation of medical equipment according to standards and guidelines.

Career Opportunities

Graduates work as technicians and sales representatives in the field of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM). Typical employers in this field are hospitals; medical centers; contract maintenance firms; dental, medical, and optical facilities; computer, electronic and medical instrumentation manufacturers.

Program Learning Goals

Goal 1: Graduates will possess the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level Biomedical Technician position.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

  • Successfully complete a 200 hour biomedical internship
  • Acquire the broad knowledge necessary for success as a Biomedical Technician as demonstrated by passing required courses in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Anatomy & Physiology as well as their core Biomedical Program courses.
  • Demonstrate competency in biomedical tasks through successful completion of lab work and practical tests that are patterned after tasks required in the field.

Goal 2: Graduates have proven their understanding of many requirements of Healthcare Technology Management such as maintenance, repair, and record-keeping for medical equipment

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

  • Demonstrate maintenance skills by disassembly, and preventive maintenance as necessary on medical devices during assigned biomedical lab work.
  • Demonstrate skills in using a computerized medical maintenance software system through successfully completing assigned labs that include inventory, work order generation and completion.

Goal 3: Graduates have proven competence with biomedical test equipment and basic testing techniques on common medical devices through hands-on competency tests.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

  • Demonstrate skills with specialized biomedical test equipment on real medical devices meeting a 90% minimum score on each test as a requirement for completion of the course.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to verify correct performance of selected medical devices meeting a 90% minimum score on each test as a requirement for completion of the course.

Special Enrollment Requirements
Prior to the start of the first semester, students must provide proof of a criminal background check and hepatitis B vaccination. Proof of a PPD two-step testing (TB test) is required prior to the start of the student’s second year.

Internship/Cooperative Education Experience
A 200 hour internship or cooperative education experience at an approved site is a requirement for graduation and must be completed in the last semester of the second year. Continuation of internship past the end of semester is permitted with prior approval. Students must satisfy the internship requirements of both Johnson College and the internship provider. Students are required to make their own arrangements for internship, which may be outside the local area. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to qualify for an internship.

Many internship sites require proof of current health care coverage, criminal, child abuse and FBI background checks, and/or drug and nicotine tests. Internship sites may bar students from an internship if a criminal record exists or a drug/nicotine test has a positive result. Johnson College cannot guarantee internship placement. Costs for travel to and from an internship site are the responsibility of the student. Internships are typically unpaid.

Doug Hampton, Department Chairperson


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