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Programs of Study

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Program Objective

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology program is designed to prepare students for the modern manufacturing environment of today. This program will prepare students for entry level positions within companies that have implemented team-oriented design, production, quality, and maintenance systems within the manufacturing environment. The technical courses provide the graduate with a solid foundation of advanced manufacturing procedures. The combination of the general education courses and technical courses equip the graduates with the communication, mathematics, and problem solving skills necessary to perform in the modern workplace.

Career Opportunities

American manufacturers are becoming increasingly dependent upon the use of high-tech equipment that involves multiple, integrated systems. It is critical that these companies be able to recruit and employ individuals who know how to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain this high-tech equipment.

Program Learning Goals

Goal 1: Graduates will possess the skills necessary to obtain entry-level technical positions in the manufacturing environment.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

    • Demonstrate the knowledge of work environment, behavior and dress
    • Demonstrate the ability to properly choose and wear personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Demonstrate correct and safe hand tool use

Goal 2: Graduates will be able to troubleshoot electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems using theoretical principles and measured values to resolve operational issues.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

    • Demonstrate competence in digital multimeter use
    • Recognize the effects of mechanical malfunctions
    • Employ corrective actions to make repairs to systems under test

Goal 3: Graduates will demonstrate the ability to communicate in a professional manner to determine the nature of a problem or to explain repairs.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

    • Describe a malfunction found and propose corrective action to remedy the situation
    • Provide written communication on work performed

Goal 4: Graduates will demonstrate the proper and safe use of hand tools, measuring equipment and test equipment used during manufacturing or troubleshooting.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

    • Demonstrate correct and accurate use of measuring instruments
    • Demonstrate correct use of a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and current in series, parallel and series/parallel circuits.

Goal 5: Graduates will possess the skills necessary to correctly and safely operate machines used in the production of mechanical parts.

Student Learning Outcomes – Students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to safely setup and operate manual lathes, mills and CNC machines

Potential Employers

General Dynamics
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Cole Goldstein


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