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Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students attending Johnson College who wish to be considered for Federal Title IV (Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Work-Study, Direct Student Loan, or Direct Parent PLUS Loan) and institutional aid, in addition to meeting other eligibility criteria, must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in the course of study being pursued. The college is required to establish a SAP standard in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulation 34 CFR 668.34. This SAP Policy is as strict as or stricter than academic policies for students who are not receiving Title IV Aid.  Students’ academic records will be reviewed at the end of each enrolled term (i.e., fall semester, spring semester, and summer session) after grades are calculated by the Registrar’s Office. All semesters in which the student is enrolled, including summer, must be considered in the determination of SAP, even semesters for which the student did not receive federal financial aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Minimum Standards

SAP is measured on three standards: Completion Rate (CR), Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), and Maximum Time Frame (MTF). Students requesting consideration for federal financial aid must demonstrate a positive forward movement toward their degree and must meet the following standards.

Certificate Programs of One Year or Less End of 1st semester End of each subsequent semester
CR 67% 67%
CGPA 1.85 2.0
MTF Total credits attempted cannot exceed 150% of program length.
Undergraduate Degree End of 1st semester End of each subsequent semester
CR 67% 67%
CGPA See CGPA chart below See CGPA chart below
MTF Total credits attempted cannot exceed 150% of program length.


Completion Rate (CR)

Completion Rate is a quantitative measurement of your progress towards graduation. In order to complete your degree in a timely manner you must complete a certain percentage of the credits that you attempt.

Attempted credits include all course credits in which the student remains enrolled past the last day of the Add/Drop period. Included in the number of attempted credits are F (fails), I (incompletes), R (repeats), and W (withdrawals). Credits transferred into Johnson College are considered attempted and earned.

To calculate CR = Cumulative number of credits that you have successfully completed = %
Cumulative number of credits that you have attempted


Undergraduate degree 12 earned =  67% Successful CR Undergraduate degree 9 earned = 50% Unsuccessful CR
18 attempted 18 attempted


 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

Your CGPA is a qualitative measurement of your academic achievement. All students must maintain the minimum CGPA set forth in this policy. Credits that are not calculated into the SAP CGPA include I (incompletes), W (Withdrawals), and transfer credits.

Undergraduate degree of more than one year End of 1st Semester End of 2nd Semester End of 3rd Semester End of Each Subsequent Semester
1.80 1.85 1.95 2.0


Maximum Time Frame (MTF)

The Maximum Time Frame (MTF) cannot exceed 150% of the program length. Full-time students should earn approximately 15 credits a semester in order to stay on MTF. Developmental courses are counted as hours attempted and, if successfully completed, hours earned. Credits earned are counted toward academic progress but do not count towards a degree. Therefore, these credits will be excluded from the MTF requirement. Total credits for MTF cannot be rounded up or down. To calculate MTF multiply program length x 150%.


Program Program Length MTF
Welding Certificate 30 45
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology 63 94.5
Radiologic Technology 73 110


Repeat Coursework

Financial aid is available for the first repeat of any previously passed course. Financial aid is available for each attempt of a previously failed course. However, each attempt is considered into the CR and MTF.

*Audited classes are not counted into CGPA, CR or MTF.

Consecutive Enrollment

If a student fails to meet the CGPA or CR requirements for two (2) consecutive terms, whether or not they are receiving financial aid, they will be considered to have unsatisfactory academic progress (USAP). This status will result in a USAP suspension and loss of their financial aid eligibility. Students who exceed Maximum Time Frame will have USAP suspension immediately.

Change of Major

The first time a student changes their Major program of study, the courses that pertain to the previous major are not included in the SAP calculation. However, all courses that fulfill requirements for the new major are used in the SAP calculation. Subsequent changes to a student’s major ARE calculated into Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Second Certificate or Degree

If a student enrolls for a second certificate or degree, after completion of a certificate or degree, the student may be eligible for an additional 150 % Maximum Time Frame of financial aid for their new program of study.  This will be determined based upon compliance of ALL other federal regulations.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress (USAP)

Failure to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements set forth by Johnson College in accordance with federal regulations result in unsatisfactory academic progress (USAP).

USAP Statuses

USAP Warning Status
You will be placed on a USAP Warning the first time you do not meet SAP standards. This means you are one enrolled term away from losing your financial aid eligibility. You still have financial aid eligibility for one enrolled term to meet SAP standards.

USAP Suspension Status
If you are placed on a Warning and, at the end of the next term you have not met the SAP standards you placed on USAP Suspension. You will not receive federal or institutional financial aid. You may appeal this status.

USAP Probation Status
If you have successfully appealed a Suspension, you will be placed on USAP Probation for one enrolled term. If you meet the SAP standards at the end of the Probation term, your SAP Status will be considered met and you will no longer be considered USAP. If you do not meet the SAP standards at the end of your Probation, you will be placed back into USAP Suspension.

USAP Academic Plan Status
If you have successfully appealed a USAP Suspension by completing the Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form, you may be placed on an Academic Plan. You must successfully follow your SAP Academic Plan while in this status. You will be monitored by the Financial Aid Office at the end of each term. If you do not meet the criteria outlined in your SAP Academic Plan, you will be placed back into Suspension. If you are meeting the criteria outlined in your SAP Academic Plan, you will remain in this status until either the plan expires or you are meeting SAP standards.

If you meet SAP standards while on Probation or while on your SAP Academic Plan, your SAP Status will be considered met for the next term.

If you do not meet SAP standards and your SAP Academic Plan expires, you will need to submit a new USAP Appeal in order for your aid eligibility to be re-reviewed.


If you lose federal and institutional aid eligibility because you are not meeting the SAP Cumulative GPA or Completion Rate standards, you may regain eligibility in one of the following ways:

  1. Submit an Unsatisfactory Academic Progress (USAP) Appeal Form with supporting documentation. That form provides a non-exhaustive list of circumstances for which you may appeal. You must advance toward attaining a degree and show progress within your SAP Academic plan for graduation.
  1. Attend Johnson College using your own resources. You must advance toward attaining a degree and adhere to SAP Standards. You must contact our office after grades have been posted by the Registrar’s Office in order for your financial aid to be reviewed for reinstatement.

If you lose federal and institutional aid eligibility because you are not meeting the SAP Timeframe standard, you must submit a USAP Appeal Form for approval in order to regain eligibility.

Once you regain eligibility, you will be awarded financial aid subject to your financial aid eligibility and the availability of funds.

PHEAA Academic Progress

Pennsylvania State Grant academic requirements are mandated by PHEAA. A student is required to successfully complete a minimum of six (6) semester credits per semester for each part-time State Grant award received and a minimum of twelve (12) credits per semester for each full-time State Grant award received. Credits earned for repeat courses which were previously counted when State Grant progress was verified cannot be counted again. Academic progress in confirmed by the financial aid administrator at your institution at the end of each award year. Failure to meet the minimum requirements means that you are ineligible for further State Grant aid until you have successfully completed the required number of credits.


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