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Certificate Programs & Gainful Employment

In order to be eligible for funding under the Title IV programs, an educational program must lead to a degree (associate, bachelor’s graduate, or professional) or prepare students for “gainful employment in a recognized occupation.”

Johnson College offers the following Title IV eligible certificate programs:

Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology (Certificate)
Welding Technology (Certificate)

Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology (Certificate)

The Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technician program prepares students to enter the workforce ready to perform routine repair procedures, preventive maintenance, and safety applications.

Graduates work as brake technicians as well as perform routine maintenance and make general repairs. Typical employers of Diesel Preventative Maintenance technicians are truck, farm, and earth-moving equipment dealerships; trucking companies; truck service centers; engine repair/machine shops; truck equipment distributors; independent service garages.

Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology Major Courses (22 Credits)

VMR 141 Introduction to Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Tech. 3
VMR 142 Brake Systems 3
VMR 143 Steering and Suspension Systems 3
VMR 144 Electrical & Electronic Systems 3
DTT 155 Diesel Fuel Injection Systems 3
DTT 146 Diesel Engine Overhaul 4
IET 101 Introduction to Automotive and Diesel Electronics 3

General Education Core (9 Credits)

BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
CPT 101 Microcomputer I 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Minimum Credits to Graduate: 31

This course prepares students with skills labeled by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as those used in traditional or evolving green occupation.
*It is noted that students that participate in this certificate program usually matriculate into the Diesel Truck Technology (AAS) program.

OPEID: 021142
CIP: 470605
CIP Program Name: Diesel Mechanics Technology/Technician
Our Program Name: Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology (Certificate)
Program Length: 31 Credits / 1 Year
Tuition / Fees: $17,684.00
Books / Supplies: $2550.00 (est.)
On-campus room & board: $5,010


Welding Technology (Certificate)

The Welding Technology certificate course prepares students for entry-level work in the welding industry. Students learn about safety, hand tools, oxy-acetylene torches, plasma arc, shielded arc welding (stick), gas arc welding (MIG), gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), flux cored arc welding, metallurgy, print reading, and weld symbols.

Graduates work as welders, welder/fabricators, maintenance welders, fitters, ornamental metal sculptors, and welder helpers. Typical employers in the welding industry include structural steel fabricators, custom metal shops, industrial contractors, shipyards, pipe and pressure vessel fabricators, and retail welding sales.

Welding Technology Major Courses (18 Credits) *

WTC 111 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I 3
WTC 112 Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding I 3
WTC 113 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I 3
WTC 114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II 3
WTC 115 Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding II 3
WTC 116 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II 3

Related Courses (6 Credits)

BRT 101 Blueprint Reading 3
MAT 100 Applied Mathematics for Welders 3

General Education Courses (6 Credits)

CPT 101 Microcomputer I 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Minimum Credits to Graduate 30

*All major welding courses will be held at the College’s welding shop. This is a satellite location. This location is at 2001 Rosanna Ave., Scranton, PA 18509. The Welding Shop is approximately 1.5 miles from the Main Campus located at 3427 North Main Avenue, Scranton, PA 18508.

OPEID: 021142
CIP: 480508
CIP Program Name: Welding Technology / Welder
Our Program Name: Welding Technology (Certificate)
Program Length: 30 Credits  / 1 Year
Tuition / Fees: $18,334
Books / Supplies: $1,700.00 (est.)
On-campus room & board: $5,010

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