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As Johnson College grows, a Campus Events Clearinghouse has been established and is looking for ways to improve the overall scheduling and communication of events and announcements that occur on campus – from internal departments that plan annual events to events requested by external organizations. 

The Committee considers a campus event any event that takes place on the Johnson College campus or its related properties. Examples of campus “events”:

  • Any event that is considered an annual event by a department
  • Any event requested by any outside group to take place on campus or another campus property
  • A visitor to campus that the entire campus community should be made aware of (like an alumni speaker or elected official or ACCSC representatives)

To reserve the Gym, Café or Johnny Jaguar, please contact Doc Stacknick at
To reserve traditional classrooms or computer labs, please contact Lynn Krushinski at
To reserve rooms in HSTC, please contact Julia Jacien at
If you are requesting photos, you will be contacted by Sean Ann Kelly to review your photography needs and to confirm the availability of the photographer.

The Campus Events Clearinghouse is not “approving” of the event or carrying out the event – that is still the responsibility of the each department. We are striving to do a better job of coordinating all of the events now taking place on the Johnson College campus and its related properties and want to ensure we communicate and schedule effectively.


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